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NARUC-NASEO Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker

The Advanced Nuclear State Action tracker provides an overview of state activities that may impact states' advanced nuclear efforts (advanced nuclear is defined as Gen III+ and Gen IV technologies). This tracker focuses on highlighting advanced nuclear activities and partnerships involving state government entities (i.e., State Public Utility Commissions, State Energy Offices, state legislatures, and Governor's Offices). The Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker covers state actions related to advanced nuclear from 2013 - present, and will include relevant Executive Orders, Policies and Programs, and state legislation that has passed into law.

This tracker will be updated on a monthly basis. If you would like to suggest an addition or a change to the map, please complete the following form. Please note that the tracker is not intended to be inclusive of all activities in the advanced nuclear space, such as those led by the private sector or local or international governments. Additional resources that may be of interest are listed below:

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The NARUC-NASEO Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker map was last updated on 1/25/2024.

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