Gas Task Force

Participating States

Twenty-one state commissioners applied to join the Task Force on Natural Gas Resource Planning. The states included on the task force reflect the geographic, political, and economic diversity of NARUC's membership. 


participating states


List of States Represented on the Task Force and the Corresponding Commissioners:

Commission Commissioner
Colorado Public Utilities Commission Hon. Megan Gilman
District of Columbia Public Service Commission Hon. Emile Thompson
Florida Public Service Commission Hon. Gabriella Passidomo
Georgia Public Service Commission Hon. Fitz Johnson
Illinois Commerce Commission Hon. Stacey Paradis
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Hon. Wesley Bennett
Iowa Utilities Board Hon. Josh Byrnes
Louisiana Public Service Commission Hon. Eric Skrmetta
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities Hon. James Van Nostrand
Michigan Public Service Commission Hon. Alessandra Carreon
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Hon. Valerie Means
Nevada Public Utilities Commission Hon. Tammy Cordova
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Hon. James Ellison
New York Public Service Commission TBD
Oklahoma Corporation Commission Hon. Kim David
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Hon. Kathryn Zerfuss
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Hon. Lawrence Friedeman
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission Hon. Abigail Anthony
Railroad Commission of Texas Hon. Jim Wright
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Hon. Milt Doumit
Wisconsin Public Service Commission Hon. Kristy Nieto


Through this task force, members will participate in a forum for members to envision novel process approaches for considering natural gas distribution resource planning in their states.