NARUC Ambassador Program


Help new NARUC members feel welcome, enhance their knowledge about NARUC, navigate opportunities to be involved in NARUC and provide a resource to them for questions as they begin their terms as commissioners.

Why it is Needed

Turnover on commissions is a constant, with new commissioners appointed each year. As new members are appointed, we would like them to be engaged and active members of NARUC.  NARUC currently offers two programs focused on new commissioners: (1) new commissioner training; and (2) new commissioner orientation. Although those provide opportunities to learn about issues facing commissioners and the basics of NARUC, we don’t have a longer term or personal way to engage new commissioners. 

NARUC meetings can be overwhelming to new commissioners, with typically at least 1,000 attendees per meeting.  Implementing an ambassador program provides another avenue for new commissioners to engage with NARUC and ask questions of fellow commissioners about NARUC or policy issues in a one-on-one setting. The program also helps foster relationships. Some commissioners have a good network and relationship with the colleagues on their commission but that is not the case for everyone. The Ambassador Program can play an important role for new commissioners. Participation by new members is optional.


We maintain a list of current commissioners who are willing to serve as an Ambassador for a new commissioners for the calendar year. The new commissioner and ambassador would be matched for one year. If you would like to volunteer to be an ambassador or would like to be connected to an ambassador, please contact Mary-Anna Holden, Chair of NARUC Ambassador Program and Commissioner, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. 

Duties of an Ambassador

  • Contact new commissioner within the first two weeks of appointment, welcoming them to NARUC, getting to know the new commissioner, asking if there are questions, offer to serve as a resource on questions about NARUC, and tell them about the next NARUC meeting and why they should attend.
  • Be available year-round to answer questions via phone or email.
  • Offer to introduce new commissioners to colleagues at NARUC meetings.Ambassadors could be identified by a ribbon on their nametag, so new commissioners could seek them out at meetings.
  • Offer to have a new commissioner shadow him or her at a committee meeting if the new commissioner hasn’t made a committee decision yet.
  • Introduce new commissioners to NARUC leadership or others that may be a resource during their time on the commission.
  • Offer to meet up at general sessions.
  • Be available to attend the new commissioner meetings at the NARUC meetings.