Regulatory Training Initiative

The Regulatory Training Initiative (RTI) will be an important pillar of the NARUC training ecosystem.  It will provide distance learning courses, an online library of support materials, and a digital forum where stakeholders can discuss key regulatory issues. For more details click here.

Work on the RTI is proceeding on several fronts:

  • Software resources - NRRI staff are evaluating Learning Management Systems (LMS's) that provide a digital environment for the presentation of distance learning courses and support student learning activities. The RTI team has developed a set of review criteria to assess these products.  Three companies are under further consideration. NRRI will release a Request for Proposal to the selected vendors shortly in order to 1) assess each product against the list of criteria, and 2) get pricing for that will allow for an "apples-to-apples" evaluation.
  • Rapid course roll-out - Based on the need for distance learning solutions due to COVID-19, NRRI has accelerated efforts to deliver an initial "Introduction to Regulation" course using virtual and remote tools envisioned for the RTI. Initial work on this course has begun, and several guest lecturers have committed to participating. In the coming weeks, we will be developing the content in greater detail and making key decisions regarding the timing and delivery of the course sessions, including the technology used to present the material.
  • Initial course development - We are also developing several other courses for the first phase of the RTI, including courses on telecommunications, resource adequacy, reliability oversight, and the regulatory treatment of bill delinquencies and disconnections.

Check this space for new announcements and more information on the RTI. You may also send inquiries or suggestions to