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Volunteer Opportunities with NARUC's International Programs

We are currently recruiting volunteers for activities in the coming months, with opportunities for NARUC members and energy experts to support our projects in grid modernization, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and other fields.

Access our latest activity calendar here.

Who can volunteer?

We are seeking a variety of skillsets, experiences, and career fields to support our programs abroad. Volunteers can be current state commissioners and staff, former state and federal regulators, expert consultants, and experienced practitioners in the energy industry.

What kind of activities are available to participate in?

Our activity calendar contains three different types of activities:

  • Speaker presentations: Volunteers present their knowledge on the topic to foreign partners and oversee a Q&A session
  • Peer review: Volunteers provide feedback to foreign partners on a proposed regulatory decision such as a rule, standard, permit, or other policy through written comments and/or interactive webinars

Remote work:

  • Peer review documents and provide recommendations through virtual working groups

In-country activities:

  • Travel with NARUC staff to the partner country for roughly one week (including travel to and from the U.S.)
  • Serve as an expert as you lead discussions, provide recommendations, share lessons learned, and problem solve with foreign regulators

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Activities are fully paid for by NARUC’s donors – there are no net costs for commissions or staff
  • Professional development/staff retention opportunity
  • Whereas paid work comes with an expectation to please the client and deliver what is requested, NARUC’s peer-to-peer activities are genuine opportunities to share knowledge, exchange perspectives, and generate goodwill
  • Opportunities to learn not only about other parts of the world, but about your own work, and the work and expertise of your peers
  • Collaboration with fellow U.S. commissioners/staff offers new insights on common challenges
  • Volunteers build networks of commissioners and staff working with NARUC’s International Programs

Bring your knowledge and time. We’ll do the rest!

For volunteers taking part in in-country activities, NARUC covers/reimburses:

  1. Economy class air travel;
  2. Western-style hotels in the partner country;
  3. Meals while on travel;
  4. Ground transportation;
  5. Vaccinations (if needed); and
  6. Medical/emergency insurance while on travel.

In addition, our staff will coordinate with you in advance of the activity, make all necessary arrangements (e.g., flight, hotel, visas, ground transportation, etc.), travel alongside you, and manage activity logistics every step of the way.

Sign up for our email distribution list and apply to volunteer

Volunteer solicitations are sent regularly to our mailing list, along with news about how NARUC members are solving problems and making a difference. Please email Erin Hammel ( and Sarah Stiles ( to sign up. Personal or work email addresses are acceptable. The volunteer application is straightforward, and asks for relevant expertise, approach to the topic for foreign partners, any relevant overseas experience, etc. Please make sure you have your commission/state approval before applying.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the activities listed on the calendar, please contact the relevant NARUC staff for more details or reach out to Erin Hammel, Senior Director of International Programs, at