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Bulk Power System

Bulk Power System Learning Modules

NARUC, the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), and the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates (NASUCA) have partnered with the Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) to offer a series of virtual training sessions on the reliability of the bulk power system (BPS). Sessions were designed to introduce non-technical attendees to key technical concepts and their practical applications amidst an evolving electricity system. Subject matter experts offered insights on topics identified and prioritized by the regulatory community, as well as their practical applications in an evolving electricity system.

The first series of training modules was offered in 2021 (materials posted below). The second series was held in May and June of 2023, addressing the following BPS issues: 

Energy Adequacy and Capacity Accreditation 

  • Energy adequacy considerations for an evolving resource mix
  • Resource adequacy and capacity accreditation
  • Example and perspective from multi-state RTOs
  • Resource adequacy for resource planning

Electrification and Load Forecasting

  • Electrification impacts and uncertainties: climate change and policy incentives
  • Econometric top-down forecasting
  • Bottom-up load forecasting approaches
  • Industrial electrification and hydrogen

Integration of Utility-Scale Storage 

  • Overview of electrical storage including bateries and long-duration storage
  • Thermal storage
  • Market design considerations for battery charging/discharging
  • Hybrids as a modular resource
  • Grid-forming battery storage

View the agenda for more details and view training session presentations and recordings below. Please contact NARUC Staff for additional information.