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Energy Transmission

The bulk transmission system transports high-voltage electricity from generation centers across long distances to distribution systems. State utility commissions and federal energy regulators are tasked with addressing complex issues around how to plan and pay for new transmission development and transmission system upgrades. NARUC supports members in collaborating with subject matter experts, impacted stakeholders, and federal regulators to identify barriers and opportunities for transmission expansion, facilitate transmission-distribution coordination, learn about transmission-related technologies, and address related bulk power system issues. Since 2022, NARUC members have also participated in the Joint Federal State Task Force on Electric Transmission.

The bulk power system includes utility-scale generation resources and transmission to move that electricity to load centers and the distribution grid. Obligated with ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable services for customers in their states, public utility commissions have an inherent interest in and responsibility for understanding and supporting a robust bulk power system. As the electricity system is changing, new issues, challenges, and opportunities are arising at the bulk power system level and between the distribution system and bulk power system. These issues can include resource adequacy, system stability, system reliability, market design, electricity planning, impacts of distributed energy resources and storage on the bulk power system, and more. Learn more.


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With increasing constraints on the existing transmission system, NARUC CPI identifies experts, resources, and avenues of coordination through which regulators can address barriers to existing transmission planning processes, ease cost allocation and siting processes and identify alternative technological approaches to increase transmission capacity. NARUC also supports the Joint Federal State Task Force on Electric Transmission. Learn more.


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State utility commissions and state energy office officials are increasingly being faced with novel technical issues and policy decisions related to the integration of distribution-connected energy resources. Almost every aspect of the electric utility can be impacted by DER growth, while retail and wholesale rules will also become more intertwined. Policy makers will need to consider many technical and economic issues to prepare for a variety of future paths that are changing rapidly. Ultimately, state energy decision makers individually and collectively want to ensure that these resources are connected and operated in a way that is safe, fair, and supports state goals. Learn More.


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In 2019 to 2021, NARUC and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) provided a forum for the development of state-led pathways toward a more resilient, efficient, and affordable grid. The Task Force on Comprehensive Electricity Planning enabled Task Force members, NARUC and NASEO staff, technical and subject matter experts, and others to develop a robust set of resources to support state decision makers in advancing aligned electricity system planning processes across transmission, generation, and distribution planning. Learn more

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