Innovation Spotlight: New Transmission Technologies Toolkit

Statehouse Policy Development Toolkit for the Deployment of Advanced Innovative Electric Transmission Technologies

The tools and resources compiled in this toolkit index will assist sponsors of statehouse resolutions interested in adapting NARUC/CSG national and CSG/SSEB Regional Policies supporting the deployment of advanced innovative electric transmission technologies. Many were successfully used by Chairman Brad Johnson, Montana Public Service Commission and Vice-Chair of the Council Of State Governments’ Energy and Environment Committee (, +1.406.444.6169) when he co-sponsored the CSG national resolution and the Montana legislature adopted it.

All of the tools/resources are available on NARUC's website. Some highlighted tools in the index were included in a handout to all persons who attended the July 18, 2017 New Transmission Technology Session that he moderated at NARUC's Summer Policy Summit. The aession featured short videos of four advanced technologies and PowerPoint slides used by technology experts in TED-style talks. 

Chairman Brad Johnson encourages state legislators, regulators, and other policy makers to use the following resources in order to adapt and adopt similar resolutions in their statehouses. He believes these policies will send a clear signal to regional planning organizations and transmission developers that states are interested in revolutionary, not incremental, solutions to expeditiously address aging line issues and the need for additional transmission capacity in their states to achieve their public policy objectives on time.

1. NARUC Substantitve Resolution, adopted February 17, 2016

2. Council of State Governments National Resolution, adopted December 11, 2016

3. CSG-South Policy Position, adopted 2016

4. CSG-Midwest Resolution, adopted 2016

5. CSG-West Resolution, adopted 2016

6. Southern States Energy Board Resolution, adopted 2016

7. Montana Resolution, adopted 2017

8. Arkansas Resolution, adopted 2017

9. Louisiana Resolution, adopted 2017 

10. CSG Capitol Ideas magazine, June 2017. See pages 34 and 35: Public Concern Grows for Aging Electric Grid, co-authored by Chairman Brad Johnson and Kansas State Representative Tom Sloan

11. Transmission Technologies Fact Sheet, July 2017

12. Draft points for policymakers to introduce resolutions complemented with NARUC Session illustrative videos, fact sheet, and other information.

13. August 16, 2016 Council of State Governments eCademy Webcast: Building the Grid of the Future - How Legislators Can Bring Advanced Transmission Technologies to Their States. Co-presented by Kansas Sate Representative Tom Sloan and AEP/BOLD’s Evan Wilcox. Donwload the slides here

14. Example for expediting project siting: NY PSC Case 12-T-0502 et. al. December 17, 2015 Order Finding Transmission Needs Driven By Public Policy Requirements. Appendix B Criteria for NY ISO to evaluate transmission solutions. Criteria 1 and 10.

15. Transmission and Distribution World magazine, October 2015. AEP’s BOLD Response to New Industry Challenges, co-authored by Richard Gutman and Meihuan Zhu Fulk.

16. Example of state policy expediting transmission siting approval when an existing Right of Way is used. Kansas 66-1,182.

17. NARUC New Transmission Technology July 18, 2017 session videos and PowerPoints

Examples of Advanced Transmission Technology

NARUC's New Transmission Technology session included five minute videos of Ampjack Industries Ltd., AEP/BOLD (Breakthrough Overhead Line Design) LLC, SmartWires, and North American Synchrophasor Initiative technologies, accompanied by PowerPoint slides and other information presented by persons familiar with each technology. These videos and other materials posted on the NARUC website can be used in statehouse briefings to support the introduction of resolutions. 

The Breakthrough Overhead Line Design (BOLD™) highlighted on this page is a new commercially proven advanced electric transmission technology now available to transmission project developers for newbuild or replacement intra-state 115-500-kV circuits providing up to 75% more capacity, 33% lower tower height, 50% lower magnetic field levels, 33% lower energy losses, that is on par with capital costs of conventional technologies and 33% less expensive on a cost per-MW basis compared to conventional technologies.

“The nation’s transmission infrastructure is similar to the infrastructure that we see elsewhere in the country … it is aging and it’s in need of investment… The beauty of BOLD is that you’re able to put a tremendous amount of throughput through a very narrow footprint, and quite frankly an aesthetically pleasing structure.”

– Lisa Barton,
EVP, AEP Transmission

“The impact on land use, along with the visual piece really resonates with the public.”

– Tama Davis, Manager, AEP Transmission Project Outreach

“In reality, we expect for some applications that the cost of BOLD to be lower than the traditional design.”

–Kamran Ali, Director, AEP Transmission Development

“BOLD clearly demonstrates that the utility industry can produce a stronger, more flexible and more
efficient grid of the future.”

–Bob Bradish, VP, AEP Transmission Grid Development

The NARUC Toolkit and other information about BOLD are available at

Resource persons for BOLD and public policies enabling technology deployment:

Dave Rupert, NARUC Session presenter, Vice President of Business Development, BOLD Transmission LLC,, +1.614.716.2529

Paul Loeffelman, Director, Corporate U.S. External Affairs and Head of Corporate International Affairs,
American Electric Power Company,, +1.614.716.1243