Staff Subcommittee on Water

Final Program  (Using agenda content available as of June 25, 2016) 

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Sunday, July 24

Location: Ballroom E
9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

The Art of Water Utility Rate Design

(Joint Panel with Staff Subcommittee on Rate Design)

Tiered rates to encourage conservation, allocation of revenue requirement between fixed and commodity rates, and decoupling concepts all present unique challenges and fairness considerations. The panelists will discuss the challenges of water utility rate design and ideas to address those challenges.  

Moderator:  Don Lomoljo, Utilities Hearing Officer, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Jim Busch, Manager - Water and Sewer Department, Missouri Public Service Commission

Anne-Marie Cuneo, Director of Regulatory Operations, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Sue Daly, Senior Utilities Specialist, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Denise Schmidt, Water Policy Advisor, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin