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Final Program  (Using agenda content available as of June 25, 2016) 

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Sunday, July 24

Location: Broadway G/H                         
1:35 p.m. - 3:05 p.m.

International Cybersecurity Challenges: Implications for U.S. Public Utilities and their Regulators

Joint meeting with Committee on Critical Infrastructure.

Panelists will discuss global cybersecurity threats affecting public utilities in the United States and other countries. Among the topics included are the sources and nature of international threats to U.S. public utilities; lessons learned from the Ukrainian penetration; the United Kingdom's regulatory structure and its cybersecurity defense capabilities; and finally a review of cyber threat management in other countries.

Moderator: Hon. Arthur House, Connecticut

Paul Stockton, Managing Director, Sonecon LLC

Bill Bryan, President, ValueBridge International, Inc.

Eric Slavinsky, CIO, PPL Corporation

3:45p.m. - 4:45 pm

United States Natural Gas Exports (specifically Liquefied Natural Gas) –The Implications for the Economy, Trade and Geopolitics

Joint meeting with the Committee on Gas - Broadway F

The United States shale gas boom has provided new prospects for the energy future. With the shale gas “revolution,” natural gas prices have reached historic lows in recent years due to a surge in production. Low prices have sparked a debate within the United States about what to do with this glut of supply. Moreover, high prices for LNG in Europe and Asia create an opportunity for the United States. In fact while traditionally the United States was seen as a net energy importer the United States is poised to be in the foreseeable future to net energy exporter.  Prudent and responsible processes and policies with regards to natural gas exports must consider the impact of exports on the national and regional economy, job creation, international trade flows, and the environment. This panel will take a critical look at the export debate, the domestic policies surrounding this debate and the geopolitical implications of global shale gas development.

Moderator: Hon. Diane X. Burman, New York


Hon. Jolette Westbrook, Massachuestts

Hon. Robert Pickett, Alaska 

Sarah Ladislaw, Director and Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies 

William Hederman, Senior Advisor, DOE 

LNG Producer TBD

4:45 pm - 5 p.m.

Committee on International Relations Business Meeting

Moderator: Hon. Anne Hoskins, Maryland

Approval of Minutes of Winter Meeting


NARUC International Staff Report, Erin Hammel, NARUC staff