Why I Serve


“In the small western Kansas town where I grew up, the local newspaper proclaimed and still does, ‘Published in an Area of Clean Air, Clean Surroundings, and Fine People.’ I am honored to serve the fine people of Kansas and weigh and consider their interests in matters before the Commission. As a Commissioner, I have the opportunity to evaluate the present and to explore the future, recognizing that the public interest includes a careful and reasoned balancing of the interests of the regulated business entity and the members of the public it serves.”

Hon. Shari Feist Albrecht, Kansas Corporation Commission


“The most important word to me in the name ‘Public Utilities Commission’ is ‘public.’ The fundamental role of a reguator is to serve the interests of Nevadans and to protect those interests for future generations. I started my career as a school teacher and later became a county prosecutor. I am proud to carry the values of public service from those jobs into my role as chairman of a regulatory body.”

Chairman Joseph C. Reynolds, Public Utilities Commission of Nevada


“I am a public utility regulator because I am honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of balancing the interests of people and utilities in providing services so essential to our way of life.”

Hon. Stephen M. Stoll, Missouri Public Service Commission


“I am able to ensure fairness to both the consumer and the utility by creating an environment where people can afford all of the services that we regulate, and enjoy a high quality of life. A high quality of life includes being able to rely upon those regulated services, so we must find balance to protect the consumer from paying too much while ensuring a healthy utility.”

Hon. Valerie Espinoza, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission


“I serve as a public utility regulator because it provides me a meaningful opportunity to advance the causes of those who are underrepresented. And I believe that my background gives me a unique perspective on the regulatory challenges in the District of Columbia.”

Hon. Willie L. Phillips, District of Columbia Public Service Commission


“I serve as a public utility regulator because of my desire to make certain that our citizens receive the best services at the lowest cost and that our utilities pursue the most responsible resources to provide those services.”

Hon. Gary Hanson, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission


“I serve as a public utility regulator because I believe, that in an ever-changing marketplace with new technologies and business models, it is imperative to facilitate a sustainable regulatory environment that ensures the provision of safe and reliable utility services at fair prices for all consumers.”

Hon. Julie Brown, Florida Public Service Commission