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Social Media Cards

To help promote National Lifeline Awareness Week (Sept. 9-13, 2019), we have created the following social media cards for use on Twitter or Facebook. Simply click on the image you would like to use, right-click it, and choose "Save image as" to save it to your computer. Copy and paste the suggested text to use in your social media post. 

It’s #LifelineAwarenessWeek! Annually, over 10 million people stay connected thanks to the #LifelineProgram. bit.ly/NLAW2019 @NARUC @NASUCA

The #LifelineProgram helps make broadband more affordable for eligible low income consumers. bit.ly/NLAW2019 @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek The #LifelineProgram can provide 1000 minutes/month for mobile voice service. bit.ly/NLAW2019 @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek

Got questions? Contact the #LifelineProgram Support Center, Monday-Sunday. bit.ly/NLAW2019 @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek Get the facts about the #LifelineProgram for you or a loved one. bit.ly/NLAW2019 @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek  For more information about the #LifelineProgram, visit the @FCC Lifeline page. bit.ly/Lifeline4Consumers @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek