Social Media Cards

To help promote National Lifeline Awareness Week, we have created the following social media cards for use on Twitter or Facebook. Simply click on the image you would like to use, right-click it, and choose "Save image as" to save it to your computer. Copy and paste the suggested text to use in your social media post. 

It’s #LifelineAwarenessWeek! Annually, over 10 million people stay connected thanks to the #LifelineProgram. @NARUC @NASUCA

The #LifelineProgram helps make broadband more affordable for eligible low-income consumers. @NARUC @NASUCA  #LifelineAwarenessWeek

The #LifelineProgram can provide 1000 min/month for mobile voice service.  @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek

Got questions? Contact the #LifelineProgram Support Center, Mon-Sun. @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek Get the facts about the #LifelineProgram for you or a loved one. @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek  For more info about the #LifelineProgram, visit the @FCC Lifeline page. @NARUC @NASUCA #LifelineAwarenessWeek