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Committee on Consumers and the Public Interest: Delinquencies and Disconnections: Connecting Challenges with Data Collection Opportunities 8/22/19

This webinar is the third in the Series hosted by the NARUC Committee on Consumers in the Public Interest, NASUCA, and NRRI on the topic of data collection for utility disconnections and delinquencies. The purpose of this series will be to gain a greater understanding of the data collection processes throughout the country in order to make recommendations for data collection policies related to utility disconnections and delinquencies.

This webinar will utilize a TED talk format that will allow several speakers to highlight success stories related to standardized data collection processes and best practices related to reducing delinquencies and disconnections.


Hon. Marion Gold, Ph.D., Commissioner, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission



July 17th 2pm


August 7th

Disconnections & Delinquencies part III

September 11th

Energy Resources and the Environment (topic TBA)

October 9th

Disconnections & Delinquencies pat IV