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Webinar: Commercial EV Charging Rates - 5/15/22


Webinar: The Integrity of Carbon Offsets - 4/26/22

Webinar: Pathways to Successful Community Solar - 3/16/22

Research Spotlight: Economics of CCUS - 2/9/22

Accelerating Regulatory Innovation - 11/17/21

Scott Hempling Book Talk - 11/3/21

Cybersecurity: How Can we Protect the Electric Grid Against Cyber Threats? – 8/25/21

Decarbonization and Natural Gas: Industry Perspectives - 8/4/21

Paul Joskow Book Talk - 7/15/21

Pathways to Decarbonization: What can regulators learn from current studies? - 5/19/21

Water-Energy Nexus: What’s New to Review? - 3/31/21

The Intersection of Decarbonization Policy Goals and Resource Adequacy Needs - 2/3/21

Designing Solar Energy Programs For Low-Income Consumers and Communities - 12/16/20

May I have another number please sir! - 11/18/20

COVID 19 Lessons Learned from Prior Utility Financial Challenges - 6/10/20

The Interim Regulatory Treatment of COVID 19 Costs - 5/27/20

The Financial Impact of COVID 19 - 5/13/20

Practical Protocols for Utility Pilot Projects - 4/29/20

The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund What’s in it for the States - 3/18/20

PURPA Perspectives Do the Comments Provide Opportunities for Common Ground - 1/29/20

Are Ratepayer Funded Energy Efficiency Programs Still Relevant - 12/11/19

More than POEMS (Plain Old Energy Market Services) - 11/13/19

CPI Committee Webinar: Disconnections and Delinquencies Part IV - 10/16/19

CPI Committee Webinar: Disconnections and Delinquencies Part III - 8/22/19

Robocalls - Can We Ever Hope to Stop Them? 7/17/19

Committee on Consumers and the Public Interest: Delinquencies and Disconnections: Part II 6/10/19

Committee on Consumers and the Public Interest: Delinquencies and Disconnections: Where are We Now? 5/8/19

Advancing Energy Storage in the States: What’s Your 2020 Vision? 4/10/19

Enhancing the Resilience of the Nation’s Electricity System 3/13/19

Lifeline in 2019 – A Report from the Field 2/27/19

Secondary Contaminants: Environmental and Economic Considerations 1/23/19

Transmission Transitions 12/12/18

The Connect America Fund – Where Are We Now? 10/17/18

Electrification: What’s the Next Step? 9/12/18

Microgrids: Policy Pathways for Progress 7/11/18

Tracking Net Neutrality – Pathways to an Open Internet 6/13/18

Broadband Mapping and Deployment: Are we there yet? 5/8/18


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