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NRRI announces publications, webinars, and events through The NARUC Bulletin and NRRI's LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Follow us to see the latest news.

In addition, if you would like to learn about forthcoming activities and opportunities to get involved, join our mailing list.




  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the MYNARUC tab

    Registration Step 2


  1. First check to see if we already have a profile for you by filling out “Already Have a Profile?”  If unsuccessful, please fill out the ‘I’m New Here’ section.


  1. Once logged in, you should see ‘My Profile’ under your User Section, click My Profile



  1. Under the Demographics Section, click ‘Edit Demographics


  1. Please check the NRRI box(s) under Areas of Interest to receive notifications of publications, working groups, upcoming webinars, and events.

  1. Click Save/Finish on the bottom of the page.

    1. Next, click on My Subscriptions.

    1. Click on Edit List Subscriptions.

    1. Click on the Not subscribed box next to the NRRI List(s) and select Subscribed.
    1. Scroll to the bottom and Click on Save Changes.