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Coming Attractions: Events & Papers

At the Lab, we're always up to something.  Here some of what we have in the works in the coming months:


Lab on the Road! MegaModel Interactive Experience

The Lab will be running MegaModel: A Utility Business Model Interactive for attendees at two conferences in June. This game puts players in control of an investor-owned utility under one of four different business models. Players then invest in a broad menu of transmission, distribution, and generation resource options and choose policies to meet upcoming demand while chasing performance goals for customer bills, environmental performance, shareholder returns, and reliability. Retiring generation, heat waves, environmental policies, and natural gas price spikes make the game even more challenging. 

National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates Mid-Year Meeting | June 4 - 7 | Denver, Colorado

National Conference of State Legislatures & National Association of State Energy Officials Solar Workshop and Lab | June 9 - 10 | San Antonio, Texas

Additionally, Lab staff are offering an electricity siting training to New England commissioners at the New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners Symposium, occurring from June 4 - 7 in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. 

Interested in bringing MegaModel or a siting training to your state? Contact Lab director Miles Keogh


Upcoming Webinar! A Comparative View of Cybersecurity Approaches in the Natural Gas and Electric Sectors

Tuesday, May 30 | 2:00 - 3:00 pm EDT

Cybersecurity has become increasingly important to energy regulators due to the potential for adverse reliability impacts from a cyber breach.  Over the past several years, the energy sector has been a prime target of cybersecurity incidents, and to combat this, public-private partnerships are engaged in efforts to increase preparedness, response, and recovery.   The intent of this webinar is to create foundational knowledge about cybersecurity approaches used in the natural gas sector, and how these approaches compare with the electric sector.  We will be joined by Kimberly Denbow from the American Gas Association (AGA), who will share her insight on questions including:

  • What do the threat landscapes look like? What are some of the current trends?
  • What are some of the key differences in the components and systems that we are trying to protect? 
  • What types of vulnerabilities could be exploited in each sector? What strategies or measures are being used to reduce these vulnerabilities?

Register in advance here


Infrastructure for Carbon Capture: Technology, Policy, and Economics 

Join the NARUC/DOE Carbon Capture, Storage & Utilization Partnership and the Great Plains Institute’s State Carbon Dioxide for Enhanced Oil Recovery (CO2-EOR) Deployment Work Group for a webinar on infrastructure policy related to carbon capture projects. Putting CO2 to work in enhanced oil recovery can be a win-win scenario for fossil fuel-fired electricity generators, oil producers, and environmentalists alike. However, a strong network of CO2 pipelines is critical to the future of CO2-EOR projects in an era of low oil prices and uncertain federal climate policy. While CO2-EOR is not a new prospect, the recent success of CO2-EOR projects like NRG’s Petra Nova facility combined with Washington, DC’s focus on domestic energy production and infrastructure has brought renewed attention to CO2-EOR infrastructure needs, particularly how federal and state policy can address weaknesses. On this webinar, state officials will discuss how CO2-EOR projects operate, the state of the nation’s existing CO2 infrastructure, current federal and state policies relevant to CO2-EOR, and recommendations for strengthening CO2 infrastructure. Time will be reserved at the end of the webinar for questions from the audience. 


  • Matt Fry, Policy Advisor, Office of Wyoming Governor Matt Mead 
  • Dan Lloyd, Business Development Specialist, Office of Montana Governor Steve Bullock 
  • Shawn Shurden, Commission Counsel, Mississippi Public Service Commission 

When: Monday, May 15 from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET