February 13-16, 2022
A Hybrid Meeting
Washington Renaissance Hotel, Washington, D.C.

How to Update an Existing Registration Attendance Preference for the NARUC Winter Policy Summit

  1. Click here to begin updating your attendance preference.
  2. From the 2022 Winter Policy Summit meeting page click the “My Meetings” button.
  3. Under the My Upcoming Meetings section click the “View/Edit Registration” link
  4. Under the registration bundle, select the “2022 Winter Policy Summit – Hybrid” meeting to edit choices.
  5. Click the “Save/Continue” tab until you reach the Questions page.
  6. The first item under your name should be “Confirm how you will participate.” Select the appropriate option.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to either accept the terms of the in-person attendee waiver or select “N/A” if you are participating virtually. Click the “Save/Continue” button.
  8. Under “Events,” select your intent to attend the “Super Sunday Welcome Reception” if attending in person. Click the “Save/Continue” button.
  9. Continue to click the “Save/Continue” button until your updates have been processed and confirmed.
  10. If you have questions email meetings@naruc.org for assistance.