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July 21-24, 2019
JW Marriott Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana

Committee on Critical Infrastructure


Black Sky Exercise

12:30-5:00 p.m. • Grand Ballroom 5

Extreme, multi-regional “Black Sky” hazards—from severe weather to rapidly escalating cyber attacks—have the potential to disrupt essential lifeline services that put our Nation’s citizens in peril. Interdependencies of critical infrastructures and their supply chains magnify the disruptive effects. Exceptional levels of cross-sector collaboration are necessary to build resilience to these hazards.

This Black Sky Exercise is intended to introduce participants to the scale and scope of coordination and collaboration required across federal, state, and local governments, relief agencies, and private sector organizations to plan for and recover from large-scale, multi-sector, disruptions. The focus will be on the role of state public utility commissions before, during, and after a Black Sky event.

EIS Council, a world-recognized leader in Black Sky resilience planning, communications, and training, will facilitate discussion and interaction by participants to produce insights and lessons learned.

Participants must be registered for the Summer Policy Summit and must commit to the full 4.5-hour session.

Participants will be placed in teams and notified of pre-work assignments prior to arriving in Indianapolis.

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