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Mexico Electricity Regulatory Partnership:
Navigating Mexico’s Energy Reform

CRE participants discuss smart grid and cybersecurity in Mexico City, Mexico, during an activity in September 2014.

The Energy Sector

With the passage of Energy Reform, Mexico’s electricity sector is moving from a centralized structure to privatization and competition. The goal of the power sector reform in Mexico is to increase industrial competitiveness for the benefit of both consumers and the manufacturing industry. Energy reform has dramatically shifted the direction of the sector to a more competitive market approach.

Structural changes to the electricity sector created an Independent System Operator, the National Center for Energy Control, and granted increased regulatory authority for the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). 


Our Work

Through the support of the Power Sector Program in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Energy Resources, NARUC supported the CRE as it built a new regulatory framework in line with broader national reforms. The partnership utilized peer-to-peer support to address priority regulatory and energy policy issues at the CRE, including goals to reduce electricity rates, encourage private investment, promote clean energy generation and guarantee transparency. The partnership was built on NARUC’s previous partnership with the CRE under the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


Selected Results

Through USAID support, NARUC experts assisted the CRE in developing new tariff instructions for electricity, including documents and methodologies for billing and rate design. The CRE previously did not have specific procedures or formulas for billing or rate design.

Clean Energy
Through USAID support, NARUC experts collaborated with the CRE to create a new timeline for implementing Clean Energy Certificates. This helped to encourage energy generation from renewable sources by providing another financial incentive for generators.

At A Glance

Project Dates: 2012-2017, 2018 - 2019 (Closed)


Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission

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U.S., Mexican Regulators Collaborate Remotely to Support Reform
With USAID support, Mexican regulators received rapid support on key regulations through a remote peer review with NARUC’s network of expert regulators.

Mexican Regulators Build Certificate System To Support Clean Energy
With USAID and NARUC support, Mexican regulators are helping their country reach its clean energy goals through a clean energy certificate program.

Mexican Grid Code Reflects Vision of Stronger, More Reliable System
With USAID and NARUC support, Mexican regulators integrated best practices on reliability and stakeholder involvement into crucial criteria for the country’s electricity grid.

In-Depth Trainings Offer Critical Skills and Capacity to Regulators
With USAID and NARUC support, regulators in emerging economies are building knowledge and expertise through courses on regulatory fundamentals and best practices.

Arizona Regulators Featured in Article about NARUC-USAID Work
Regulators from Arizona are providing expertise and thoughtful support to counterparts in Ukraine, Nigeria and elsewhere through USAID assistance. 

Collaboration Guides Mexican Energy Officials on Path to Reform
With USAID and NARUC support, Mexican officials found a common path on efforts to reform the country's energy sector.