Europe and Eurasia: Armenia

Natural Gas Peer Review

NARUC organized the Natural Gas Peer Review in Yerevan, Armenia, during June 18-20, 2014. The three-day discussions focused on the reclassification of natural gas consumer groups, balancing risks between consumers and suppliers, and storage of natural gas. The Public Services Regulatory commission of Armenia (PSRC) is working toward creating new classification/reclassification of the existing consumer groups for the most optimal allocation of expenses and usage of the natural gas resources in the country. PSRC is also busy with identifying financial and non-financial mechanisms of balancing risks between consumers and suppliers. As security of supply of natural resources is a fundamental issues for  the country, PSRC is working to determine the optimal necessary volumes of stored gas without placing the undue cost burden on the consumers.

NARUC was represented by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities who met with their counterparts from the Tariff Department of the PSRC.



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