Asia: Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) was created by its government in 2003 to regulate electricity, natural gas and petroleum. BERC’s founding legislation empowered the regulator to set tariffs, protect consumers, arbitrate disputes, and other key regulatory functions.

With the support of the United States Agency for International Development, NARUC worked with BERC from its very early days, first helping regulators with interpreting its founding legislation, creating an organizational structure, and providing a foundation for regulatory growth. NARUC expanded efforts as the partnership progressed, helping BERC operate within the social, political, and economic realities of Bangladesh and working to encourage consumer education in collaboration with the Consumer Association of Bangladesh.

The partnership evolved in 2008, as NARUC began providing assistance under USAID’s Improved Capacity for Energy Access (ICEA) project. During 2011-2012, NARUC assisted BERC with dispute resolution, energy auditing practices, and other regulatory objectives.

At A Glance

Project Dates: 2004-2012 (closed)

Partner: Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission

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