Africa/Middle East: Jordan

Facing ambitious renewable energy goals, rising electricity demand and other challenges, the Jordan Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) partnered with NARUC to exchange information and gain knowledge on these and other pressing issues. Through the partnership, the ERC also sought to enhance customer protections, build institutional capacity, encourage private investment and renewable integration, and improve training of internal staff.

With the support of the United States Agency For International Development (USAID), NARUC experts helped Jordanians during the partnership analyze and improve their tariff structures to ensure that utilities were financially viable and consumers paid fair rates. NARUC also helped the ERC develop and administer a demand-side management program, providing hands-on and interactive exercises to help the foreign regulator gain insights into practical implementation challenges.

Amid broader reforms to bolster renewable energy integration, NARUC worked with Jordanian officials to develop technical performance indicators for distribution, transmission and generation utilities as part of the licenses the Jordanian regulator granted to utilities.