Africa/Middle East: Ghana

The government of Ghana sought to improve its regulatory practices across the power and gas sectors. With the support of the United States Agency For International Development (USAID), NARUC facilitated a regulatory partnership between key energy stakeholders in Ghana and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio with the goal of improving regulatory practices for both U.S. and Ghanaian regulators.

Through seven activities, expert volunteers from Ohio as well as other U.S. State Commissions provided perspectives on tariff setting, regulatory frameworks in electricity and natural gas, and many other issues. Through training and collaboration, officials in Ghana established a new law on natural gas, improved oversight and coordination of gas and electric infrastructure, prepared licensing manuals for natural gas transmission and distribution utilities and other results.

Through the partnership, regulators in Ghana were able to create a licensing and permitting regime, better coordinate siting of electricity and natural gas infrastructure, and draft regulations for natural gas transmission, distribution, and sale. Ohio regulators highlighted how the partnership helped them learn new techniques and methodologies as well as gain an understanding of the international regulatory environment.