NARUC supports efforts to ensure that the tariffs underpinning utilities’ rates and customers’ bills are accurate and just. We work with regulators to implement advanced financial accounting practices, revise tariffs to ensure they are cost reflective, and ensure that tariffs provide investors with the proper signals.

  • In Georgia, NARUC supported the regulator make substantial progress on a Uniform System of Accounts, allowing the regulator to better support tariff changes and improve their decision making on utility rate proposals.
  • In Ethiopia, NARUC is working with the regulator to adopt a Uniform System of Accounts, which will help to align the accounting systems of the utility and the regulator.
  • In Nigeria, NARUC assisted the regulator in ensuring the financial viability of companies during a move toward privatizing the electricity sector by helping to develop multi-year tariff orders that are designed to gradually increase the rates to reflect actual costs.


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