Clean Energy

NARUC supports vital efforts to unleash the potential of clean energy resources around the world. We work with partners to draft or improve policies that enable the development of wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable resources, while also helping regulators use existing resources more effectively through energy efficiency and demand-side management.

  • In West Africa, NARUC worked collaboratively with regional partners to develop the “Principles of Regulating Clean Energy in the ECOWAS Region,” a document designed for the ECOWAS region on the regulatory aspects of integrating renewable energy sources into existing electricity markets. 
  • In The Gambia, NARUC helped the regulator draft a law to promote renewable energy and reviewed guidelines for net metering, generation interconnection, and standard power purchase agreements.
  • In Tanzania, NARUC reviewed and recommended improvements to a proposed feed-in tariff program, suggesting that Tanzanian officials balance the incentives renewable developers receive while not placing too high a burden on ratepayers.
  • In The Black Sea region, NARUC leveraged consultants to design regionalized principles to promote energy efficiency, helping to spur participation by some industrial consumers in the balancing and settlement market.

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