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1. The Indispensable Role of Energy Regulators in Protecting the Electric Grid

Regulators play an indispensable role in achieving effective cybersecurity in the energy sector, and serve a key role in efforts by USAID and NARUC to improve electricity sector cybersecurity in Europe and Eurasia.  

Tags: Cybersecurity, USAID, Black Sea, Europe and Eurasia
2. Through USAID-supported Cybersecurity Project, U.S. and Eastern European Energy Regulators Develop Model for Regulatory Cybersecurity Strategies Worldwide

To provide needed support to regulators in Europe and Eurasia, USAID and NARUC developed the Black Sea Cybersecurity Strategy Development Guide, which helps regulators customize a strategy in alignment with international best practices.

Tags: Cybersecurity, USAID, Black Sea, Europe and Eurasia
3. The Regulatory Cybersecurity Strategy: a Key Building Block for an Energy Sector's Cybersecurity Policy Framework

A regulatory strategy is not the first thing people associate with cybersecurity. But, for regulators, utilities and others, it is a critical first step to the success of any cyber program.

Tags: Cybersecurity, USAID, Black Sea, Europe and Eurasia
4. Regulators, System Operators Collaborate on Steps to Increase Reliability and Promote Investment in Black Sea Region

Through the support of USAID and in collaboration with the U.S. Energy Association, NARUC supported regulators and transmission system operators in the Black Sea region through a first-of-its-kind report on balancing resources.  

Tags: USAID, Grid, Reliability, Service Quality, Black Sea, USEA, Energy Security
5. Georgian Regulator Reflects on Growth, Relationship with USAID and NARUC

Georgian Commissioner Gocha Shonia reflects on his experience and growth as a regulator during the lengthy engagement between the Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, USAID and NARUC. 

Tags: USAID, Georgia, Black Sea, Regulatory Reform, Service Quality
6. Ukrainian Regulator's Website Honored for Transparency, Consumer Friendliness

Ukraine’s energy regulator has won accolades for a website redesign that increased the agency’s transparency and eased consumer engagement following assistance from the US Agency for International Development and NARUC.

Tags: USAID, Ukraine, Transparency, Consumers, Black Sea
7. A Decade of Progress in Europe and Eurasia

With the support of USAID, NARUC supported stronger governance and fostered economic opportunities in Europe and Eurasia through a cooperative agreement running from 2007 to 2017.

Tags: USAID, Europe, Eurasia, Black Sea, Southeast Europe, Regional Cooperation
8. Black Sea Regulators on Path to Effective Cybersecurity Strategies

With the support of USAID and NARUC, energy regulators in the Black Sea region are taking important steps forward to strengthen the cybersecurity and resilience of their energy sectors.

Tags: USAID, Cybersecurity, Eurasia, Black Sea, Energy Security
9. Black Sea Energy Regulators Tackle Cybersecurity Challenges

With the support of USAID and assistance from NARUC, utility regulators from the Black Sea convened with US and EU regulatory experts for a technical workshop on cybersecurity.

Tags: Energy Security, Eurasia, USAID, Cybersecurity, Black Sea, Regional Cooperation
10. Black Sea Regulators Agree to Promote Energy Efficiency

With NARUC and USAID support, countries in the Black Sea region agreed to adopt voluntary energy efficiency policies that support demand response and other key services to the grid

Tags: Black Sea, Energy Efficiency, USAID, Regional Cooperation

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