New Electricity Market Development Publication on Market Transparency Platforms

October 2022 - With funding support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) published Electricity Market Development: Market Transparency Methodology for Europe and Eurasia Regulators, which focuses on assisting the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) of Europe and Eurasia in implementing effective market transparency and establishing transparency platforms. Transparency is essential for the creation of efficient, liquid, and competitive wholesale markets. It allows the creation of a level playing field between market participants in accessing the information regarding fundamentals of the market, and it prevents manipulation and insider trading. In addition, establishing market transparency provides the scope for effective market monitoring. 

The objective of this methodology is to provide NRAs with the necessary knowledge to oversee the implementation of a transparency platform. For this purpose, it covers the following:

  • Important steps for development of a transparency platform, including requirements, responsibilities, data process, ownership structure, and cost recovery
  • A list of best practices and common transparency issues
  • The significance of implementing transparency and how it is essential for the creation of efficient, liquid, and competitive wholesale markets
  • Both the EU Transparency Regulation and parts of the REMIT and REMIT Implementing Regulation (hereinafter the term REMIT regulations refers to REMIT and REMIT Implementing Regulation collectively)
  • What is considered transparency data

You can access the Methodology here.

Photo Credit: ©Miha Creative / Adobe Stock