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1. Nigerian Regulators Advance Key Accounting Tool to Support Electricity Sector Improvement

Through the support of USAID and Power Africa, regulators in Nigeria have taken a major step toward a more sustainable, competitive and self-reliant electricity system 

Tags: USAID, Power Africa, Nigeria, Uniform System of Accounts, Accounting, Investment
2. Nigerian Regulator Advances Electricity Reliability and Market Reform through Eligible Customer Rule

With the support of USAID and Power Africa, NARUC assisted the Nigerian Energy Regulatory Commission (NERC) to develop and issue a rule that will improve electricity reliability for large power customers and offer generators more stable revenues.

Tags: USAID, Power Africa, Nigeria, Reliability, Revenue
3. Arizona Regulators Featured in Article about NARUC-USAID Work

Regulators from Arizona are providing expertise and thoughtful support to counterparts in Ukraine, Nigeria and elsewhere, thanks to USAID support.

Tags: USAID, Markets, Ukraine, Mexico, Nigeria, Volunteers
4. NARUC Brings Nigerians Together On Cost-Reflective Tariffs

Nigerian regulators and utilities are working together to examine tariff details during a simulation in Abuja

Tags: Nigeria, Cost-Reflective Tariff, USAID, Power Africa

Displaying: 1 - 4 of 4