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The Federal Funding Opportunities and Construction Standards (FFOCS) Subcommittee is a subset of NARUC’s Emergency Preparedness, Recovery, and Resiliency Task Force (EPRR Task Force). Its specific directives are two-fold:  

1) Conduct research and provide ongoing education for state commissions on federal funding opportunities to support recovery, resiliency investments, and pre-hazard mitigation and;

2) Analyze the impact of consensus construction standards on federal funding eligibility

The FFOCS Subcommittee will identify available federal funding programs aimed at disaster planning, response, and resilience; detail applicable thresholds and requirements for commissions and stakeholders to qualify for such funding; and, memorialize key insights, references, and lessons learned into a reference manual.  Work in this area seeks to raise awareness of the scope of assistance afforded by the Stafford Act and other federal funding outlets, the mechanisms in place to apply for assistance, and relevant timetables governing federal assistance programs.

Additionally, the FFOCS Subcommittee will review, analyze, and describe construction standards that apply to and inform the federal disaster grant programs that FEMA administers. The FFOCS Subcommittee will identify existing status quo construction standards, define the process by which those standards are agreed to by standards-making authorities, detail federal funding eligibility requirements and recipient obligations as they pertain to construction standards, and incorporate those lessons into a Construction Standards Issue Brief.

FFOCS Subcommittee Roster


Completed Work Products:

The EPRR Task Force’s FFOCS Subcommittee produced the Federal Funding Opportunities Guidebook, which details eight priority federal funding opportunities, key takeaways for state utility regulators concerning those funding opportunities, and program eligibility requirements. The Guidebook will serve as a reference guide for NARUC members who can play an important role in encouraging fellow states agencies and regulated utilities within their jurisdiction to take advantage of available federal funding for disaster response and hazard mitigation.


Meeting Materials:

October 2020 Kick-Off Meeting Minutes

February 2021 Meeting Minutes

April 2021 Meeting Minutes

June 2021 Meeting Minutes


Resources and Work Products:

Federal Funding Opportunities Guidebook

Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program Presentation - February 2021 - FEMA

Alternative Financing Mechanisms Presentation - June 2021 Meeting - Converge Strategies

FFOCS Subcommittee Work Plan