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Black Sky Subcommittee

The Black Sky Subcommittee is responsible for developing resources that support NARUC member preparedness in the event of a catastrophic, multi-regional event affecting multiple critical infrastructure sectors. Exceptional levels of collaboration across federal, state, and local governments, relief agencies, and private sector entities are necessary to plan for and build resilience to these hazards. The work of the Black Sky Subcommittee supports the EPRR Task Force’s goal of improving state energy emergency response capabilities.

NARUC will leverage the Task Force membership and external expertise to support the Black Sky Subcommittee, which will include subject matter experts across federal, state, and private sector entities including the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and National Governors Association (NGA). Over the approximately two year initiative, the subcommittee will develop and deliver a technical playbook and identify other potential future action plans to improve state energy emergency response capabilities. The work of the Subcommittee will:

  • Identify, collate, and coalesce a relevant collection of disaster response plans and practices.
  • Facilitate a team of task force members and industry experts to build a tailored playbook that includes implementation instructions, templates, and links to preeminent external resources. The playbook will be consistent with and complementary to existing instructional materials while outlining comparable public and private sector roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify and scope educational engagements for NARUC, NASEO, and NGA audiences to facilitate black sky playbook adoption and implementation.
  • Suggest opportunities to exercise black sky playbook

Black Sky Subcommittee Roster


Black Sky Subcommittee Needs Assessment

This Needs Assessment provides a summary of the issue areas where existing literature and guidelines on Black Sky event planning and response do not meet the needs of the Regulatory community. This set of gaps highlights the challenges preventing Public Utility Commissions from maximizing engagement in Black Sky event mitigation, planning, and response. In constructing a framework for identifying critical knowledge gaps in these areas, the Needs Assessment also serves as the basis for the table of contents of the effort to address regulatory, local, and state needs during catastrophes of unprecedented severity: the Black Sky Playbook.


Black Sky Subcommittee Use Cases

The intent of the Use Cases document is to amplify themes, challenges, and needs identified in the group’s Needs Assessment deliverable. Each identified scenario examines particular shortcomings identified in the Needs Assessment.


Resources and Work Products:

Black Sky Subcommittee Work Plan

Black Sky Subcommittee Literature Review

Black Sky Subcommittee Needs Assessment

Black Sky Subcommittee Use Cases


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October 2020 Kick-Off Meeting Minutes

February 2021 Meeting Minutes

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