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In March 2010, NARUC received a new cooperative agreement from the US DOE to provide training and capacity assistance to State Commissions via NARUC’s Grants & Research Department.  The objective of this project is to ensure State Public Utility Commissions have the necessary resources to handle a significant increase in workload over the next several years for performance of the state-required PUC reviews and regulatory oversight due to the acceptance of ARRA electricity-related funding by their jurisdictional electric utilities.  NARUC’s program, the State Electricity Regulators Capacity Assistance and Training (SERCAT) program, includes three major components:

  • The provision of capacity assistance and consultant expertise to States
  • The development of new training programs
  • Sharing of information and best practices among States on ARRA-related issues


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Options for Energy Efficiency for Mississippi

Policies for Aggregated NetMetering for Arizona

Evaluating Reliability Benefits of Smart Grid for Illinois

Providing Energy Efficiency through a 3rd Party Provider for Colorado

Best practices for Evaluation, Measurement, & Verification (EM&V) of utility energy efficiency programs, for New Mexico

Impacts of time-of-use rates for Washington State

Evaluating scarcity pricing in the PJM Interconnection for Pennsylvania

Analysis of Renewable Energy Policy Options for Vermont

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Assessing Sound Emissions from Proposed Wind Farms for Minnesota

Alternative Energy Resource Market Assessment for Ohio

Investigation into a Smart Grid Coordinator for Maine

Wind Energy Siting and Zoning Best Practices for Minnesota

A Multi-Utility Collaborative on Electric Decoupling for Hawaii

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Program Options for a Renewable Portfolio Standard for Arkansas

Supply planning and procurement rules for Montana

Scenario planning and development for Colorado

Modeling impacts of replacing retiring coal in MISO with natural gas and wind, for Iowa

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Reliability impacts of outages for industrial customers in Texas

Analysis of upfront rebate solar program compared to a performance based incentive program, for Nevada

Cybersecurity assessment, technical assistance, and analysis for Kentucky

Improvements to current renewable energy procurement methods for Hawaii

Additional cost effective energy efficiency programs for Michigan

Smart grid privacy issue analysis for the District of Columbia

Cost-benefit analysis of reliability projects, from the end users' perspective, for Maryland

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