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Nuclear Energy

Given technological advances in nuclear generation and increasing state interest in retaining and encouraging zero-emission nuclear power, NARUC’s Center for Partnerships & Innovation (CPI) manages a Nuclear Energy Partnership with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy. Through this Partnership, NARUC provides opportunities for state public service commissioners and commission staff to better understand barriers and opportunities related to the U.S. nuclear fleet. NARUC educates and informs state commissioners and staff on important issues surrounding the use of nuclear energy technologies. This partnership includes analysis on policy and regulatory issues related to existing and new nuclear generation, leading to educational briefs, workshops, and informational forums aimed at NARUC's state membership.

Partnership Launch Announcement

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Nuclear Energy Partnership Members

Partnership Co-Chairs:
  • Hon. Anthony O'Donnell, Maryland
  • Hon. Tim Echols, Georgia
Partnership Members:
  • Hon. Brent Bailey, Mississippi Public Service Commission
  • Hon. Michael Carrigan, Illinois Commerce Commission
  • Hon. Kim Duffley, North Carolina Utilities Commission
  • Hon. Gary Hanson, South Dakota Public Utilities Commission
  • Hon. Mary-Anna Holden, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
  • Hon. David Hughes, U.S. Virgin Islands Public Services Commission
  • Hon. Stefanie Krevda, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
  • Hon. Katherine Peretick, Michigan Public Service Commission
  • Hon. Ann Rendahl, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission
  • Hon. Michael Richard, Maryland Public Service Commission
  • Hon. Katie Sieben, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
  • Hon. Eric Skrmetta, Louisiana Public Service Commission
  • Hon. Ted Thomas, Arkansas Public Service Commission
  • Hon. Becky Valcq, Wisconsin Public Service Commission
  • Hon. David Ziegner, Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
  • Elijah Abinah, Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Zachary Branum, Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Patrick LeMere, Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Justin LéVeque, Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  • Rob Trokey, Georgia Public Service Commission
  • Amanda Best, Maryland Public Service Commission
  • Kevin Krause, Michigan Public Service Commission
  • Mike Kaluzniak, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
  • Chris Garbacz, Mississippi Public Service Commission
  • Davis Gates, Mississippi Public Service Commission
  • Bridget Frymire, New York State Public Service Commission
  • Tom Kaczmarek, New York State Public Service Commission
  • Megan Good, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
  • Keith Masill, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (associate member)

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