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Bulk Power System Issues

Bulk Power System Learning Modules

NARUC, the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), and the National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates (NASUCA) have partnered with Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) to offer a series of virtual training sessions on the reliability of the bulk power system. Sessions are designed to introduce non-technical attendees to key technical concepts and their practical applications in an evolving electricity system.

The four-part course starts with discussions of resource adequacy, moves to balancing of the system in daily operations, then to key tenants of system stability, and finally covers the impacts of distributed energy resources (DERs) on the bulk power system. Each session includes:

• Foundational basics

• How the evolving grid influences planning and operations today and into the future

• Examples from utilities

The agenda provides more specific topical and trainer information. Registration for live sessions, being delivered in May and June 2021, is only open to NARUC, NASEO, and NASUCA members. Presentations will be posted below. Contact NARUC for registration links.

Resource Adequacy

Speakers will discuss: How should we think about resource adequacy in a future with high levels of wind and solar? Is the planning reserve margin concept still valid? How does resource adequacy relate to recent CAISO and ERCOT events? What do batteries offer in providing resource adequacy?


System Balancing

Speakers will discuss: How do wind, solar, and DERs change reserve requirements? What are essential reliability services and can you get them from wind, solar, and DERs? What role will hybrids play in the future? What is the future of gas/electric coordination? What are options for system flexibility?


System Stability

Speakers will discuss: What is an inverter-based resource and why should I care? What are the differences between grid-forming inverters and synchronous condensers; which technologies will be important in the future? Is low-inertia the main concern; will we run into such conditions soon?


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Impacts of DERs on the Bulk Power System

Speakers will discuss: How do DERs impact real-time operations? If my state adopts the recent IEEE 1547 interconnection standard, will that fix the negative impacts of DERs on the bulk power system? How can DERs be used to reduce the need for new capacity resources?