committee resources

Natural Gas Access and Expansion Task Force - Resources

Report of the NARUC Task Force on Natural Gas Access and Expansion (November 2017)


Rural and Underserved Areas - Natural Gas Access and Expansion Initiatives (joint with Committee on Consumer Affairs, NARUC Summer Policy Summit, July 17, 2017)

Other Resources

Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s Investigation of Natural Gas Utility Extension Practices, Rules and Associated Economic Models Memo (July 2017)

American Gas Association’s List of State Expansion Activities (May 2017)

Oregon Public Utilities Commission’s 2016 Study of Natural Gas Expansion to Unserved Areas (SB 32)

Pennsylvania Governor’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force Report (2016)

American Gas Foundation’s Fueling the Future with Natural Gas Study (2014)

National Regulatory Research Institute's Line Extensions for Natural Gas: Regulatory Considerations Report (2013) 

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