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NARUC Applauds House Energy and Commerce for Passage of Two Bills Addressing Specific FCC Process Reforms

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For Immediate Release: April 28, 2016
Contact: Regina L. Davis, 202-898-9382,

WASHINGTON—The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners released the following statement on the markup held by the House Energy and Commerce Committee today.

“NARUC applauds the Energy and Commerce Committee for adopting two specific targeted Federal Communications Commission process reforms bills. H.R. 2592 would require the FCC to publicly release the text of a proposed decision prior to a vote and at least 24 hours after it is circulated for review among the commissioners. H.R. 2589 would require the FCC to make public the text of decisions not later than 24 hours after they are adopted. NARUC has supported a multitude of FCC process reforms over the years including these two provisions. Making the text of an order publicly available prior to the vote will allow for more informed deliberation between stakeholders and the agency. Requiring the agency to release the text of a decision soon after it is approved just makes sense. NARUC had recommended a longer timeframe than that proposed in H.R. 2589 (30 days compared to 24 hours), but we agree that a hard release deadline will provide certainty to stakeholders and for the commission itself.”

—NARUC President Travis Kavulla of Montana

“The reforms in H.R. 2592 and H.R. 2589 will improve transparency and lead to better informed and timelier decisions at the agency, which we support. The Committee also adopted Kari’s Law (H.R. 4167), which would require direct dialing of 9-1-1 from all multi-line telephone systems. While NARUC has not taken a position on Kari’s Law, I personally applaud the Committee for passing this bill. The requirement to dial an additional digit, such as ‘9’, on systems in hotels, offices and other facilities to get an outside line has caused consumer confusion and delayed access to emergency services. There is no more important call than the one made to 9-1-1. Consumers should be able to reach emergency services by just dialing 9-1-1, regardless of from where they are calling.”

—NARUC Committee on Telecommunications Chair Chris Nelson of South Dakota


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