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Hisham Choueiki

Technical Advisor, Energy Regulation
International Programs

Hisham Choueiki Joined NARUC in March 2019.  He currently serves as a Technical Advisor, NARUC International.  Prior to joining the NARUC team, Dr. Choueiki was the Director of the Office of the Federal Energy Advocate and the Director of the Forecasting and Market Monitoring Unit at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).  Between 1996 and 1998, Dr. Choueiki was on sabbatical from the PUCO, and was a Visiting Faculty in the College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University where he taught operations research, design of experiments, and forecast modeling. 

Dr. Choueiki has contributed to numerous rule-making proceedings in gas, electric, and telephone, testified in energy forecast hearings, alternative regulation hearings, and utility merger hearings.  He has co-authored several energy forecasting and telecommunications reports, and has lectured at the PUCO, at national and international technical conferences, and USAID/NARUC energy workshops in Europe and the Middle East.  He has published in peer-reviewed engineering journals, and currently serves as a reviewer on several engineering journals. 

Dr. Choueiki is a Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio.  He earned a Philosophy Doctorate in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University.