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Program Officer, Center for Partnerships & Innovation

Domestic Program Officer, Center for Partnerships & Innovation

Job Description (December 2018)


Position Overview

The Center for Partnerships & Innovation’s Program Officer is responsible for supporting work under a portfolio of ongoing domestic grant projects awarded to NARUC by public and private donors. The Program Officer will be responsible for implementing specific grant activities across the range of funded projects. Current projects focus on energy regulatory issues relevant to the electricity and natural gas sectors, particularly around energy infrastructure modernization, national standards and certifications for smart grid technology (e.g., IEEE 1547), grid-interactive buildings, transmission and distribution system intersections, and electric vehicles. Future projects could include energy assurance, resiliency, emergency management, distributed energy resources, carbon capture and sequestration, resource planning, energy-water nexus, and/or other state utility commission-relevant issues.


Reporting Relationship

  • Reports to the Director of Center for Partnerships & Innovation.


Required Abilities and Key Attributes 

  • Must possess project implementation skills and strong attention to detail. 
  • Strengths in writing.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects.
  • Customer service mentality.


Education and Experience

  • Requires at least one year’s experience in energy, electricity, gas, engineering, environmental matters, or government.  
  • A bachelor’s degree is required, with a preference for a degree in an energy, environmental, regulatory, engineering, or project management field. 
  • A master’s degree is welcome, with a preference for a degree in an energy, engineering, environmental, economic, regulatory, or policy field.
  • Requires strong organizational skills and strong attention to detail. Requires excellent time management and communication (written and oral) skills. Must be able to work well in both a team setting and individually.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support NARUC Committee activities as assigned
  • Work with NARUC membership and donors to implement grant programs and project work plans
  • Coordinate with state associations and other stakeholders on issues related to particular grant projects
  • Schedule, coordinate, facilitate agendas and speakers for meetings, conference calls, and webinars
  • Stay up to date on issues associated with particular projects (e.g., natural gas infrastructure modernization, smart grid standards, energy efficiency)
  • Conduct policy and regulatory research through interviews, online research, surveys, and other methods to co-author project deliverables (e.g., white papers, reports, other publications) working with NARUC subcontractors, members, and senior staff of the Center for Partnerships & Innovation
  • Assist in the identification and management of subcontractors
  • Collaborate with communications team to support development of outreach materials (e-news articles, webpages, press releases) that promote project-related materials (publications, webinars, PowerPoint presentations)
  • Work with Senior Managers and the Director to develop new grant-funded projects
  • Support development of work plans and proposal writing for funding to support departmental activities identified by the Director
  • Be an administrative resource for NARUC members on issues associated with grant projects, particularly related to travel and logistics
  • Coordinate with NARUC’s Finance department on travel and billing matters, Meetings Department during the NARUC Annual Convention and the NARUC winter and summer meetings, and Communications department for regular outreach.
  • Other duties, as assigned. 


Please send cover letter, resume, writing sample, and salary history to Ms. Danielle Sass Byrnett (POResearchLab@naruc.org), Director, Center for Partnerships & Innovation, NARUC, https://www.naruc.org/cpi. No telephone calls. EOE.