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Transformational Electric Pricing: FRI Advanced Seminar in Utility Rate Theory, Methods & Applications

September 5-7, 2018
Charles F. Knight Executive Education & Conference Center
St. Louis, MO
The FRI Advanced Seminar Transformational Pricing is a 15.25 hours seminar, occurring over three days. The seminar content focuses on the theory and application of electric pricing to address the transformation of the industry.
The seminar offers an examination and in-depth analysis of the pricing necessary to accommodate the growth of distributed resources and 2-way power transactions. The course addresses all dimensions of electricity pricing, including time, location, buying and selling. Further, the course provides deep coverage of customer engagement issues as they relate to the application of new pricing approaches: education, information, stakeholder outreach and collaboration.
Contact: Sarah Gott, (573) 882-2155, gotts@missouri.edu

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