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"The Basics" Practical Regulatory Training for the Electric or Natural Gas Local Distribution (LDC) Industries

May 22 – May 26, 2017
Albuquerque, NM

Each separate, concurrent week-long course is specifically designed to capture the nuances of that industry and includes the following topics and more!!

  • Industry Technology
  • Industry Structure and Regulation
  • Revenue Requirements
  • Class Cost-of-Service
  • Rate Design
  • Process & Procedures of a Rate Case

These two separate courses will give attendees practical analytical skills needed to understand the topics covered as well as an integrated framework showing how they fit together. Through a combination of lectures, discussion and integrated problems, these courses will give the attendees the analytical skills necessary to be more productive in the changing utility environment. Attendees with less than one year's experience in the regulatory arena and anyone wishing to obtain a basic understanding of the principles involved should attend one of the courses. For more information contact: Cindy Blume (cblume@nmsu.edu).

For more information contact: Cindy Blume (cblume@nmsu.edu)
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