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2021 FRI Public Utility Symposium "Revisiting Forecasts from the 2013 FRI Public Utility Symposium - Visualizing the Future: Public Utilities in 2020"


Wednesday, September 22, 2021



Memorial Student Unions at the University of Missouri



For the 2021 Symposium, we will use the lens of the 2013 FRI Public Utility Symposium, “Visualizing the Future: Public Utilities in 2020” to recast the events of the years since, review other relevant history, and start new discussions about the future.


Panel 1: This session will review the 2013 Symposium and relevant history before this Symposium.

Panel 2: This session will review events that have occurred since the 2013 Symposium.

Panel 3: This session will talk about the future of public utilities.


Full program available Spring 2021.

Contact: Cheryl Byrd, FRI Program Manager,  byrdch@missouri.edu