Portable Generator Carbon Monoxide Safety Effort

The approach of hurricane season—a time when extreme weather events are likely to cause power outages and a need for portable generation—offers us the opportunity to educate our citizens how to safely utilize portable generator during power outages. Portable generation can be a godsend to families and communities impacted by severe weather events. When used properly it can provide needed heat in winter, cooling in summer, supply light at night, and keep food from spoiling. However, they can be extremely hazardous and even life threatening when not properly operated. Consumer education is the key to safety. Recognizing the need for easy to understand materials on safe usage, members of the Staff Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs worked closely with the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association to develop important model portable generator carbon monoxide safety information as part of a broader public awareness campaign to supplement other available safety materials addressing this and other potential hazards. The simple illustrations are provided in both English and Spanish to help increase public awareness of unsafe uses as well as ways to safely use portable generators.

Click here for a Letter sent to all State Commissions with accompanying resolution

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