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Presentations from the NARUC 122nd Annual Conference

Brother, Can You Spare $3 Trillion?

Financing Clean Power in the 21st Century
Ethan Zindler - Head of Policy Analysis, Bloomberg Energy and Finance

Building Consensus Among Diverse Parties

Building Consensus Among Diverse Parties: SPP Case Study
Phil Crissup, PE - Director Regional Transmission, Oklahoma Gas & Electric

SPP Highway-Byway Cost Allocation
Mike Palmer - Vice President, Commerical Operations , The Empire District Electric Co.

Dazed and Confused? Getting Your Agency Ready for Social Media

Dazed and Confused? Getting Your Agency Ready for Social Media
Andrew Heath - Director, Customer Satisfaction Services, E SOURCE

unpacking social media
Toby Vann - Sr. Vice President of Engagement Planning/Digital Director, GMMB

Gone With the Wind

The Status of State RPS Efforts: Trends and Challenges
Mark Sinclair - Clean Energy States Alliance

US REC Markets
Michel Di Capua - Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Infrastructure, Oversight and Disaster Response Issues in Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

2010 NARUC Annual Conference
Jeff Wiese

Making the Pipeline System Safer
Danny McGriff - NAPSR National Chairman

Pipeline Safety: Planning for a Safer Future
Rocco D’Alessandro - American Gas Association

Is our Long-Term Business Plan for Carbon Capture and Storage Correct?

Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Sustaining Our Options
Henry A. "Hank" Courtright - Senior Vice President, EPRI

Natural Gas and Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Ron Edelstein - -Director Regulations and Government Relations, GTI

Rethinking Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Eugene M. Trisko - Attorney, ACCCE

School of Shale Rock: Hydraulic Fracturing and the Debate over its Impact

Advances in Drilling
John Richardson - President and COO, Energen Resources Corp.

Hydraulic Fracturing and the Debate Over its Impact
Robert F. Powelson - Commissioner, Pennsylvania PUC

The Marcellus Experience in Pennsylvania
Tyrone Christy - Vice Chairman, Pennsylvania PUC

The Return of the Wasteland: The Environmental Problems of Hydro-Fracturing
Bob Myers, Ph.D., Lock Haven University

Smart Meters? Smart Rates? What Really Works for Consumers?

Do Smart Rates 'Short Change' Consumers?
Ahmad Faruqui - The Brattle Group

Smart Grid - What do consumers want?
Nancy Brockway - NBrockway & Associates

Smart Watt?
Katherine Hamilton - President, Gridwise Alliance

Transforming the Future of Electric Distribution and Energy Consumption
Kenneth Mercado -Division Sr. Vice President , CenterPoint Energy, Inc

What's all this fuss I hear about smart meters?
Paula M. Carmody - Maryland People’s Counsel

The Climate Syndrome: Without Congressional Action, What Do State Regulators Need to Know?

Ontario's Story
Ken Quesnelle - Member, Ontario Energy Board

Planning for an Uncertain Future Case Study: Replacing Coal Units with Gas
Sam Waters - Director of System Planning & Regulatory Performance, Progress Energy Carolinas

Toolkit for Ensuring Reliable, Economic Responses to EPA’s Proposed Air Regulations
Sue Tierney - The Analysis Group

The Rural Broadband Challenge: The Recovery Act and Beyond

Remarks As Prepared for Delivery by Jonathan Adelstein
Hon. Jonathan Adelstein - Administrator , USDA Rural Utilities Service

The State of our Infrastructure - How Water and Energy Utilities are Providing Solutions and How Wall Street is Responding

The State Of Our Infrastructure
Kevin B. Marsh - President and COO, South Carolina Electric and Gas

The State Of Our Infrastructure
Nick DeBenedictis - CEO, Aqua America, Inc.

The State Of Our Infrastructure
Mary Healey - President, NASUCA, Connecticut Offi ce of Peoples Counsel

Making Dynamic Rates Work for Efficiency, Consumers, and the Smart Grid 2010

Connecting Smart Grid and Climate Change
Michael Jung, Silver Spring Networks

Rate Design and the Smart Grid
Lisa Wood, Institute for Electric Efficiency

Rate Design Options for Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
Priya Sreedharan, E3: Energy + Environmental Economics

Tariff Design Options and Case Studies
Chris King, eMeter Strategic Consulting

Committee on Consumer Affairs

Let there be light! What do Consumers and State Commissions need to know about

Impending EISA Lighting Standards:Impacts on Consumers and Energy Efficiency Lighting Programs
Marianne DiMascio, Appliance Standards Awareness Project and Jeff Loiter, Optimal Energy, Inc.

Committee on Electricity

NIST Standards & White House Smart Grid Subcommittee

Overview & Goals For Ongoing Federal/State Collaboration
George Arnold, NIST

Say Hello To An Old Friend: The Future Role of Natural Gas In The Electrical Sector

Beyond Coal: Transforming America's Electricity Sector
Mark Kresowik, Northeast Regional Director, Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club

Natural Gas & Power Generation: The GHG Solution Is At Hand
Jack A. Fusco, President & CEO, Calpine Corporation

Natural Gas For Power Generation
Richard G. Smead, Director, Navigant Consulting Inc

Natural Gas Opportunities In The Electricity Generation Sector
Donald L. Mason, Esq., All American Energy Partners, LLC

Speaker Biographies

Stray Voltage Issues

Contact Voltage In The Urban Landscape: A Public Safety Hazard
David Kalokitis, CTO, Power Survey Company

Subcommittee on Nuclear Issues-Waste Disposal

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy Activities
Dr. Pete Lyons - Acting Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

US Advanced Light Water Reactor Development (ALWR) Program
Dave Modeen - Director, External Affairs, Nuclear Sector, EPRI

Staff Subcommittee on Gas

End Use Solutions Update
Ron Edelstein - Dir. Reg and Govt Relations, GTI

Rate Stabilization Mechanisms
Cynthia J. Marple - Director, Rates and Regulatory Affairs, American Gas Association

Infrastructure, Oversight and Disaster Response Issues in Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

Making the Pipeline System Safer
Danny McGriff - NAPSR National Chairman

Pipeline Safety: Planner for a Safer Future
Rocco D’Alessandro - Executive Vice President, NiCor Gas

Committee on International Relations

Building Electricity and Water Infrastructure After War-Angola
Jason Czyz, Esq - Deputy Director of Energy Programs, AED

PURC - International Outreach
Sanford Berg - Director of Water Studies, PURC

Smart Privacy for the Smart Grid
Ken Anderson - Assistant Privacy Commissioner & General Counsel, Ontario, Canada

World Forum on Energy Regulation V (May 2012) - Update

Committee on Telecommunications

Report from the Rural Utilities Service

Telecommunications Loan and Grant Programs for 2010
Jessica Zufolo - Deputy Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, USDA

Staff Subcommittee on Telecommunications

Carrier of Last Resort Obligations

Achieving the Broadband Vision for ALL Americans

COLR and Competition in a Broadband World
Mark E. Brown - Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Charter Communications

Impacts of the National Broadband Plan (NBP) on COLR Obligations
Glenn Brown - McLean & Brown and the Rural Alliance

The COLR Challenge, Broadband, and Rural America
Jeff Lanning - Director of Federal Regulatory Affairs, CenturyLink

Where Have All the Minutes Gone?

Phantom Traffic & Access Avoidance
Bob Gnapp - Director, Demand Assurance & Network Analysis, National Exchange Carrier Association

Where Have All the Minutes Gone?
Tom McCabe - TDS Telecom

Subcommittee on Utility Marketplace Access

An Historical Overview of the Utility Market Access Partnership

DOE's Natural Gas Market Access Program for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses
Christopher J. Freitas - Senior Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

Funds Transfer Agent Agreement
Will Johnson - Chairman & President, Visage Energy

Historical Overview of the NARUC UMAP
Utility Market Access Partnership

New Connections - A Financial Services Symposium for Diverse and Emerging Firms - a National Partnership

DBL Equity Fund - BAEF II
Cynthia Ringo - Managing Partner , DBL Investors

Introduction to Cabrera Capital Markets, Inc.
Martin Cabrera - CEO, Cabrera Capital Markets, Inc.

SDG&E and SoCalGas' DBE Efforts & Finance Areas
Brian Chew - Director, Pension & Trust Investments, Sempra Energy

Southern California Edison: Diversity Firms in Financial Services
Greg Henry - Manager of Investments, Southern California Edison Company

The Investment Case for Emerging Managers
Johnita W. Mizelle - Head of Corporate, Endowment & Foundation Sales, Progress Investment Management Company