Task Force on Environmental Regulation and Generation

formerly Task Force on Climate Policy

NARUC's Executive Committee established the Task Force on Environmental Regulation and Generation to assist in managing the Association's efforts in responding to, and educating members about, Environmental Protection Agency proposed regulations.

Currently, the Task Force will not set NARUC policy on these issues. Instead, this group will work to support the efforts of the Association's standing committees; coordinating joint sessions at NARUC meetings, organizing educational efforts within NARUC, and acting as a resource for NARUC leadership on relevant matters. The Task Force will also work with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as both organizations plan future joint meetings through the FERC-NARUC Forum on Reliability and the Environment.

Visit this page for archived Webinars, papers, NARUC policy resolutions, and other resources. Please note: This page contains the work products of previous committees including the Task Force on Climate Policy, including resolutions, white papers, Webinars, and much more.

Joshua Epel, Chair
Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Asim Z. Haque, Vice Chair
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio


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Committee Members

Climate Issue Briefs

» FAQ: Consumer Benefits of Free CO2 Allowances for Utilities
» State Clean Energy Policies: The Foundation for an Electric Sector Cap-and-Trade Program ( No. 4)
» Principles for Cost Containment in a GHG Cap-and-Trade System ( No. 3)
» Allocation and Use of Allowances in a GHG Cap-and-Trade Program ( No. 2)
» Summary of NARUC Climate Policy ( No. 1)


NARUC/NCEP Climate Conference (2009)
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