Staff Subcommittee on Information Services

The NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Information Services (SSIS) provides education and information to its members and Commissions about the uses and impacts of information technology. Knowledge about information technology enables decision-makers to better understand policy-making implications in the Internet-enabled world. It also assists Commissions in deploying these technologies and services to improve efficiency and productivity and to make information more readily available to the public. The Staff Subcommittee also serves as a clearinghouse for “best practices” among Commissions in the use of information technology.

The Subcommittee meets at least two times per year, in accordance with the NARUC policy governing committees. The meetings are usually held concurrent with and at the same location as the NARUC periodic meetings (Winter Meetings, Summer Meetings, Annual Convention). Meeting topics range widely across many subjects. They are chosen based on their pertinence and applicability to information technology usage and direction in Utility Regulation. One-third of the membership must be present at a meeting to achieve a quorum.

Brent LeBlanc, Chair
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Committee Members