Board of Directors

NARUC is a member-driven organization supervised by the Board of Directors. The Board consists of 20 members plus the Association's President, the First and Second Vice Presidents, and each Past-President who is still an active NARUC member. Members are appointed by the current NARUC President and serve four-year terms. As the supervisory body, the Board oversees the Association's general and financial functions and approves resolutions that serve as the Association's policy.

Officers (ExOfficio)

Honorable Chairman of the Board and President
Colette D. Honorable
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Edgar First Vice President
Lisa Polak Edgar
Florida Public Service Commission
Ackerman Second Vice President
Susan K. Ackerman
Oregon Public Utility Commission
Ziegner Treasurer
David E. Ziegner
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Past Presidents (ExOfficio)


Appointed Members

Committee Chairs