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For Immediate Release: March 12, 2013
Contact: Robert J. Thormeyer, 202-898-9382, rthormeyer@naruc.org

State Regulators Applaud FCC Call-Completion Settlement, Hope for More to Come

WASHINGTON—The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners issued the following statements after the Federal Communications Commission announced a settlement with Level 3 Communications regarding rural call-completion complaints:

“On behalf of the nation’s State utility regulators, I applaud this action from the Federal Communications Commission. We have been a strong and consistent voice on rural-call completion, asking the agency to take action that ensures customers in rural areas receive the same level of service as everyone else. Today’s action is an important step in the right direction. I want to thank the FCC for moving this forward. I hope this is the first of many actions by the agency’s Enforcement Bureau to continue addressing these concerns.”
--NARUC President Philip Jones of Washington

“I am pleased the Federal Communications Commission took this step today. I wish it had come sooner, and I hope it is followed by many more. NARUC and more than 110 of our members sent a letter last month asking the FCC to send a strong signal to these companies. Some have viewed this problem as a mere inconvenience, but for small businesses in rural areas, a truly quantifiable harm may have occurred. The failure to complete calls and, in some cases, the planting of false busy signals has likely resulted in lost business for small companies located in rural areas. The FCC’s notice today is a start; I hope other firms are on notice that call-completion problems are inexcusable in today’s interconnected world. It is unfortunate that the companies must be reminded of their responsibilities to serve all of their consumers fairly and equitably.”
--NARUC Committee on Telecommunications Committee Chair John Burke of Vermont

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