International Programs: Encouraging Renewable Energy Development: A Handbook for International Energy Regulators

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Regulators and policymakers in the energy sector face new and exciting challenges presented by renewable energy (RE).  While not new to the energy mix, renewable energy’s importance as part of the overall national and international energy supply is a relatively new phenomenon.  Countries, their governments, regulators, and populations are only just adjusting to this recent change in the energy world.  Thus with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), NARUC developed a Handbook seeks to help international regulators as they navigate through it. 

The Handbook is based on a review of best practices and consultation with energy regulators around the world.  It focuses on countries for which RE development on a large scale is a relatively new priority, and applies best practices to the context of growth and expansion, taking lessons from countries (mostly in Western Europe and North America) where renewable energy frameworks have undergone years of reform.

Executive Summary (English, Español, Français)

Handbook (English, Español, Français)


Building off this Handbook, NARUC created Regulating Clean Energy: An International Partnership. This program provides trainings, organizes internships and facilitates forums for dialogue on clean energy issue. 

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Renewable Energy Case Studies

The countries targeted by this Handbook (and indeed the majority outside of Western Europe and North America) are at the early stages of developing their regulatory frameworks for RE.  Because the concrete, practical experiences of one country may offer important lessons for another, this Handbook offers case studies each with different examples and in varied stages of RE development.  Each of the below case study offers valuable evidence of the strength of RE development, the challenges such development faces, and the need for strong regulatory support to advance RE in a positive – and sustainable – manner. 

Armenia- Regulatory Support for Small Hydropower  (English, Español, Français)

Egypt- Building the Foundation for Renewable Energy Investment  (English, Español, Français)

El Salvador- Geothermal Development  (English, Español, Français)

Guatemala- Building of a Regulatory Framework for Distributed Generation  (English, Español, Français)

Guatemala  - 2013 Snapshot: Distributed Generation (English, Español, Français)

Jordan- Recent Steps to Bring Renewable Energy to Market  (English, Español, Français)

Jordan - Update - Bringing Bring Renewable Energy to Market (English, Español, Français)

Namibia- Optimizing Domestic Resource Potential  (English, Español, Français)

Peru - Renewable Energy Auctions (English, Español, Français)

Tanzania - Small Power Purchase Agreements (English, Español, Français)

The Gambia - Licensing and Interconnection (English, Español, Français)

The Philippines- The Regulator Adopts the Country's First Feed-In Tariff Rules  (English, Español, Français)

The Philippines - An Update on the County's New Feed-in Tariff  (English, Español, Français)

The Commission is in the process of gearing ourselves up to regulate renewables, therefore the book has been and will continue to be invaluable. It places all the issues that need to be considered on the table.” -Marsha Atherley-Ikechi, Utility Analyst, Barbados Fair Trading Commission

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