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Eastern Interconnection States Planning Council

The Eastern Interconnection States' Planning Council (EISPC) is an historic endeavor initially funded by an award from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) pursuant to a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The goal of EISPC has been to encourage and support collaboration among states in the Eastern Interconnection on critical energy issues, including electric transmission, gas-electric infrastructure, resource diversity, and energy resiliency and reliability. EISPC members include public utility commissioners, Governors' representatives, state energy officials, and other key government representatives throughout the thirty-nine states, the City of New Orleans, and six Canadian Provinces that comprise the Eastern Interconnection.

EISPC’s collaborative efforts have fostered consistent and coordinated direction to the regional and interconnection-level analyses and planning undertaken by regional planning authorities and electric transmission companies. Significant state input and direction has increased the probability that these outputs have been useful to the state-level officials whose decisions may determine whether proposals that arise from such analyses become actual investments. EISPC has been unparalleled in its scope, and in the application of state-of-the-art planning tools, expertise, and long-term public policy analyses. Read more about EISPC in this document.

NARUC Commissioner Lead: Commissioner Elizabeth "Lib" Fleming (Southeast Region, South Carolina PSC)

NARUC Committee: Electricity Committee

Project Summary: NARUC acts as an umbrella organization for EISPC’s funding application to DOE to support State coordination, involvement and direction-setting for Eastern Interconnection-wide planning efforts.

Activity Since October 2014: NARUC hosted two seminars and three full council meetings of EISPC members. The council includes 2 representatives from each of the 41 jurisdictions, as well as a large number of observers and interested stakeholders. Council meetings were held in Washington, DC on October 2-3, 2014; New Orleans, Louisiana, on December 11-12, 2014; and Newark, NJ on March 5-6, 2015. The two seminars were both hosted in Washington, DC on January 27 and February 14, 2015.

By mid-April 2015, all of the studies and white papers contracted by EISPC will be completed. EISPC developed a Compilation of Study and White Paper Abstracts for your use. Recent topics include probabilistic risk assessment, load forecasting, co-optimization, and power flows. Webinars and other seminars will be conducted throughout the Spring 2015.  Future discussions will include reliability; resilience and resource adequacy; transmission; resource diversity; multi-state resources; and the evolving energy sector.

May 8 - June 26, EISPC is hosting webinars that cover a broad range of topics. Here is the notice with the dates, topics and registration URLs. Webinar Documents (webinar recordings are listed below):

May 8, 2015 Multi-State Resources(found on the Grants and Reseach Homepage)

May 15, 2015 Grid Architecture - Are We Getting the Grid We Want? PNNL Presentation NY Smartgrid Presentation

May 19, 2015 Overview of EIPC Electric-Gas Targets EIPC Presentation

May 22, 2015 What is Happening to Baseload? EPRI Presentation Terzic Presentation

 May 28, 2015 Resource Diversity and Flexibility NREL Bloom Presentation SSEB Garrett Presentation TVA Hoagland Presentation

June 5, 2015 Transmission Cost Allocation PJM Glazer Presentation London Econ Frayer Presentation NCUC Jones Presentation

June 12, 2015 Transactive Energy NIST Wollman EnerNex Gunther Presentation

June 19, 2015 Electric Power and Surface Transportation in Emergencies

June 26, 2015 State Approaches to Nuclear Plant Retention NEI Myers Presentation

July 10, 2015 Who is Paying for Change? Grid Modernization

July 17, 2015 Transmission Cost Allocation 2: The Thrilling Sequel

July 24, 2015 Welcome MATS Back

July 31, 2015 RGGI Report Card & The Clean Power Plan NACAA Assmus Presentation

August 7, 2015 Decarbonizing Coal at the Plant GRE Farnsworth Presentation

August 21, 2015 Transmission Technologies Sloan and Wilcox Presentation


» State Approaches to Retention of Nuclear Power Plants
NARUC NRRI Nuclear Retention White Paper Sept 2015.pdf

» Final Multistate Clean Power Plan Resources
The Eastern Interconnection States Planning Council (EISPC) has begun a project to facilitate interstate communication on energy-environmental issues affecting the Eastern Interconnection and the country. The workgroup engaged in this effort is creating resources that State agencies can choose to consider as a starting point for coordinating States' implementation plans for the EPA's Clean Power Plan. This document complies resources and ideas from this working group's' efforts. Three documents are included: a multistate planning checklist, a legislative language examples checklist, and a sample memorandum of understanding for multistate coordination. See the full report
Multistate 111d-Coordination-FINAL _June2015.pdf

» Multistate Coordination Resources for Clean Power Plan Compliance
Multistate 111d Coordination.pdf

» EISPC Case Studies 01312015 EPRI

» EISPC Risk Based Plan WhitePaper 01-31-2015 EPRI
EISPC_RiskBasedPlan_WhitePaper_FINAL_01312015_EPRI .pdf

» EISPC Long Term Electric and Natural Gas Infrastructure Requirements
EISPC Long Term Electric and Natural Gas Infrastructure Requirements WHITE PAPER.pdf

» NRRI 15-03 NRRI - Seams Primer 3
NRRI 15-03 NRRI - Seams Primer_3.pdf

» NRRI 15-01 NRRI - Distributed Generation 2
NRRI 15-01 NRRI - Distributed Generation_2.pdf

» NRRI 15-02 NRRI - Non-Transmission Alternatives 2
NRRI 15-02 NRRI - Non-Transmission Alternatives_2.pdf

» NARUC-EISPC Co-Optimization Transmission and Other Resource 2
NARUC-EISPC Co-Optimization Final.pdf

» Load Forecasting Case Study UNCC
Load Forecasting Case Study _ UNCC.pdf

» Keogh October 2013 111d memo
KEOGH NARUC Section 111d brief 10_1_13.pdf

» Data Mining White Paper
This is part of a 3-part Data Mining Report by ORNL. Only the EISPC section of this report is here.
Date Mine Whitepaper.pdf

» Study: Long- Term Electric and Natural Gas Infrastructure Requirements.
ICF-EISPC-Gas-Electric-Infrastructure-FINAL 2014-12-08.pdf

» White Paper Applications of the Energy Zones Mapping Tool

» Transmission Planning White Paper
Transmission Planning Whitepaper.pdf

» Energy Zones Final Report

» White Paper: Co-optimization of Transmission and Other Supply Resources

» Study: State-by-State Existing and Potential Clean Energy Zones - Survey of Relevant State Laws, Rules, Regulations and Orders in the Eastern Interconnection
Final CESA report 9 16 13 _v102413_.pdf

» Inventory of Energy Zones Policies
EZ Policy Inventory Final Report Appendix C.xlsx

» Assessment of Nuclear Power Industry Study and White Paper
Study: Assessment of the Location of New Nuclear and Uprating Existing Nuclear Units; White Paper: on Consideration of Incentives/Disincentives for Development of Nuclear Power (Navigant Consulting)
Assessment-of-the-Nuclear-Power-Industry-Final Report.pdf

» Study: Coal Potential Including Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

» White Paper: Consideration of Incentives/Disincentives for Development of Coal Power

» Assessment of Demand-side Resources within the Eastern Interconnection
Assessment of Demand Side Resources within EISPC - Final Report March 2013 Revised (2)1.pdf

» The Economic Ramification of Resource Adequacy
Economics of Resource Adequacy WhitePaper_Astrape_Final.pdf

» Market Structures and Transmission Planning Processes in the Eastern Interconnection
EISPC Market Structures Whitepaper_6_15_12.pdf

Click here for the webcast from the September 6-7, 2012 meeting.
September 6
September 7

Click here for the webcast from the May 31-June 1, 2012 meeting.
May 31
June 1

Click here for the webcast from the April 10-11, 2012 meeting.
April 10
April 11

Webcasts from 2011 and 2010


Webcast Recordings:
2015-08-21 Can Transmission Technology Fix Policy Predicaments

Webcast Recordings:
2015-06-19 13.01 Surface Transportation  | 2015-06-26 13.00 Retention of Nuclear Power Plants | 2015-07-10 Who is Paying for Change Grid Modernization

Webcast Recordings:
2015-06-05 13.02 Cost Allocation  | 2015-06-12 13.01 Transactive Energy

Webcast Recordings: Resource Diversity and Flexibility/strong>
From Webinar - 2015-05-29 13.01

Webcast Recordings:
Designing the Grid - Are We Getting the Grid We Want - 05/15/2015  | What is Happening to Baseload - 05/22/2015

Webcast Recordings: Overview EIPC Natural Gas Targets
From Webinar - 05/19/2015

Webcast Recordings:
One is the TFERG webcast on Volt/Var Optimization as a 111d compliance resource  | Multistate Compliance Options for 111d

Webcast Recordings: EISPC CM Newark Future of Load
DAY 1 - 03/05/2015 | DAY 2 - 03/06/2015

Webinar: Co-optimization of Transmission and Other Resources Study
View the Recording | Presentation Slides

Webinar: Load Forecasting Case Study
View the Recording | Load Forecasting Presentation

January 27 Winter Seminar
View the Recording

Webinar: The EISPC Energy Zones Policies Database
View the Recording

Webinar: 3-Part Data Mining Report
View the Recording

Power Flow Webinar
View the Recording | Power Flow Presentation | Power Flow Simulations Webinar Part II

2014-10-21 1401 Webinar Application of the Energy Zones Mapping Tool White Paper
View the Recording

Washington D.C. EISPC - October 2-3 2014
2014-10-02 | 2014-10-03

New Method of Forecasting Peak Demand - a webinar recording, PowerPoint slides, and a paper by Brattle Group
Webinar recording | Webinar presentation slides | Paper

Long Term Electric and Natural Gas Study by ICF - September 4, 2014

Identification of State-by-State Existing and Potential for Energy Efficiency Resources -Tues, Aug 5, 2014

PRA Study and White Paper Updates - Aug 7, 2014

Identification of State-by-State Existing and Potential for Demand Response

Identification of State-by-State Potential for Smart Grid Development

EISPC Council Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia May 15-16, 2014
May 15, 2014 | May 16, 2014

Webinar on the potential for new and uprated nuclear power plants, and the risks faced for retirements in the Eastern Interconnection. Navigant presents their most recent study on the topic, followed by a Q&A session.

EISPC Naples March 13, 2014

EISPC Naples March 14, 2014

2014-01-15 11.00 EISPC Webinar - the ABCs of the Natural Gas System

Transmission Planning Primer Review, January 10, 2014
The mysteries of transmission planning... revealed! On January 10, 2014, Ralph Luciani from Navigant presented a new Transmission Planning Primer that was prepared for State decision-makers, including the participants in the Eastern Interconnection States Planning Council.

Washington D.C. EISPC- October-28-29 2013

Washington D.C. EISPC- October-28-29 2013

Washington D.C. EISPC- October-28-29 2013

Chicago EISPC- August 27

Chicago EISPC- August 26

Webinar on Setting The Stage: The EISPC undertakes a collaborative long-term natural gas/electric infrastructure requirements study and white paper
View Webcast

EISPC Meeting in Philadelphia, May 30, 2013 and May 31, 2013
May 30, 2013 | May 31, 2013

DOE/NARUC sponsored "Three Interconnections Meeting: Facing the Future With Interconnection-wide Planning," held Feb 6-7, 2013 in Washington, DC
Audio recording

DOE/NARUC sponsored "Three Interconnections Meeting: Facing the Future With Interconnection-wide Planning," held Feb 6-7, 2013 in Washington, DC
Audio recording

Click here for the webcast from the November 29-30, 2012 meeting.
November 30

Click here for the webcast from the September 6-7, 2012 meeting.
September 6
September 7

Click here for the webcast from the May 31-June 1, 2012 meeting.
May 31
June 1

Click here for the webcast from the April 10-11, 2012 meeting.
April 10
April 11

Webcasts from 2011 and 2010