DTV Transition

public to ensure that as many people as possible will be prepared for the June 12, 2009, switch from analog to digital television.

This transition will require people who receive analog or over-the-air television signals to purchase converter boxes that will automatically convert the digital signal picked up by the antennae into an analog signal that can be displayed on the television screen

To help States and others prepare for this transition, NARUC created this Webpage that serves as a compendium of DTV-related information. Some of the documents were developed by NARUC, some by the Federal Communications and other federal agencies. If you wish to add anything, please let us know and, most importantly, share this information as many people as possible!

Watch a short video from the Consumer Electronics Association, click here.

DTV one pager
DTV one pager from FCC in various languages, and other DTV related publications
DTV Answers: An Initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters
What you need to know about the February 17, 2009 switch to DTV
Choosing the Right Antenna
01/28/2008 Letter from Consumer Affairs Committee Chairman to NARUC Membership
TV Converter Box Coupon Program
11/17/2007 Letter from Consumer Affairs Committee Chairman to NARUC Membership
NARUC Resolution on Consumer Awareness of the DTV Transition
Coupon Program FAQ
Draft Newsletter Article
Sample Press Release
Outreach Possibilities
Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition (CERC) FAQ
CERC PowerPoint Presentation
CERC Brochure in English
CERC Brochure in Spanish